Below is a list of the products we supply on a regular basis, but this is not the complete list of the products we supply.

If there are any other Cleaning Products you require, please do not hesitate to contact us via the contact us page.

We supply Multex Chemicals and Selden Products.


Cleaning Chemicals...




5% Standard Bleach,

10% Strong Bleach,

10% Thick Bleach,

Domestos Bleach,

Kleenoff Bleach.





12% Standard Detergent,

20% Strong Detergent,

Hederol Detergent,

Fairy Liquid,

Bactericidal Detergent.

Bactericidal Chemicals:


Bactericidal Detergent,

Dettol Surface Sanitiser,

Maxima Surface Cleaner,

Selden Bactericidal Trigger Sprayer (conforms to BSEN1276 standards).


Dishwasher Chemicals:


Machine Dishwasher Detergent,

Rinse Aid,

Glass Wash.





Pine Disinfectant,

Zoflora Disinfectant,

Floral Disinfectant,

Selden Disinfectant.

Degreasers & Strong Cleaners:


Jebsol 27 (worktop & Walls),

Jebsol 25 (strong floor cleaner),

Lemjel (strong floor cleaner/degreaser).


Auto Valeting Products:


Full range of Selden Valeting Products available including Waxes, Polishes & Car Shampoos.

Hand Soaps etc:



Dymapearl Refill,

Deb Florafree Hand Soaps & Sanitisers.





Cleaning Sundries & Products...

Colour Coded Products:


Mop Heads,

Mop Buckets,



Chopping Boards.


Jumbo Paper Rolls:



Economy Blue Jumbo Rolls,

Standard Blue Jumbo Rolls,

Quality Blue Jumbo Rolls,

Jumbo Roll Dispensers,

Mini Jumbo Paper Rolls,

Couch Rolls.


Hand Towels:



Centre Fold Hand Towels - Blue, Green & White,

Luxury Hand Towels,

Lotus Z Fold Hand Towels

Toilet Tissues:



Andrex Toilet Rolls,

Triple Velvet Toilet Rolls,

Cushelle Luxury Toilet Rolls,

Bulk Pack Toilet Tissue,

Economy Toilet Rolls.





Bleached (white),




Mops etc:



Wooden Mop Handle,

Metal Mop Handle,

Push on Mop Head,

Mop Buckets with Wringer,

Kentucky Mop Buckets & heads.


Cloths & Scourers:



Green Scourers,

Metal Scourers,

Maxima Envirolite J Cloths,

Maxima Thick J Cloths.

Gloves & Other Disposables:


Nitrile Gloves,

Marigold Style Gloves,

Blue Latex,

Blue Vinyl,

Clear Latex,

Clear Vinyl,

Clear Poly Gloves,

Clear Poly Aprons.