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Select Supplies are East & North Yorkshire distributors of Newlyweds Foods.

We offer the complete Newlyweds Foods range all at competitive prices.

Simply contact us via email or telephone (01262 228286) to order.


Pork Sausage Seasonings Tinted

Newlyweds NewTint15kg bucket
Newlyweds Superoy Seasoning15kg bucket
Newlyweds Superoy Seasoning56x227g box
Newlyweds Banda Pork Seasoning15kg bucket
Newlyweds Banda Pork Seasoning56x227g
Newlyweds Colourex Classic Pork Seasoning15kg bucket
Newlyweds Classic Pork & Sage15kg bucket
Pork Sausage Seasonings Plain
Newlyweds Tasty Pork Seasoning15kg bucket
Newlyweds Tasty Pork Seasoning56x227g box
Newlyweds Sizzlers Reduced Salt Seasoning56x227g box
Newlyweds White Rose Seasoning15kg bucket
Newlyweds Alpine Pork Seasoning15kg bucket
Beef Sausage Seasonings
Newlyweds Colourex Crown Beef Seasoning15kg bucket
Newlyweds Scotia Beef Seasoning15kg bucket



Burger Mixes
Newlyweds Foods Speedimix Burger28x340g box
Newlyweds Foods Speedimix Burger with Onion28x340g



Pies & Pasties
Dalton's Pork Pie Seasoning15kg bucket
Special Pork Pie Seasoning15kg bucket
NC6 Steak & Kidney Gravy Mix12kg bucket
Minced Beef Gravy Mix8.22kg bag
NC5 Meat & Potato Pie Seasoning15kg bucket
Cheese & Onion Mix10kg bag
Chicken Sauce Mix12kg bag
SX Sausage Roll Mix12.5kg bag
G Glaze Natural Colour Pie Glazing5kg bag
Jellic Pie Jelly Seasoning4.536kg box
Peter's Py Jel15x1kg box
Glazine12.7kg box



Other Mixes
Newlyweds Vegetable Bouillon25kg bag
Newlyweds Beef Bouillon25kg bag
Newlyweds Chicken Bouillon25kg bag
Newlyweds Fixa25kg bag
Newlyweds Black Pudding Mix25kg bag
Newlyweds Faggot Seasoning15kg bucket





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