Potato White is a dry powder blend that is used on freshly peeled potatoes and chips.

This product helps to stop any discolouration that would normally occur.

Potato White is an essential product for fish & chip shops or potato processors.


This Potato White product is notably cheaper than other potato preparations on the market.

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Potato White


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The advantages of Potato White...

  • Keep fresh cut chips and potatoes whiter for longer!
  • Very simple to use! simply add 25g of Potato White to a container with 25L of water, add freshly cut chips, leave in solution for 15minutes, drain water, allow chips to dry for a minimum of 1hour. The cut chips will then be ready to use for 48hours.
  • Notably cheaper than other potato preparations on the market!
  • Other Potato Whitener preparations cost up to £70 for similar quantities!
  • Distributed from a customer focused, UK based company.






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