Quick Cure is a complete meat curing blend.

Made with all the necessary ingredients to cure meats with ease.

Quick Cure is all you need to cure bacon, cure ham, cure tongues and cure other types of meats.

This product is also known as: cure, curing salt, easicure, dry cure, complete cure, Pokelsalz, meat brine, curing compound for pumping.


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How to cure ham | How to Cure middles and bacon

How to cure meat using brine | How to cure meat using a pump



Our Quick Cure is available to buy online in 10kg quantities.

Priced at £24.17 + VAT for a 10kg tub with free next day delivery.

Please note Quick Cure is a vatable product. A VAT receipt will be given with every order.


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How to cure meat (perfect for hams):

How to cure meat using dry curing method...

1. De-bone and trim meat.

2. Spread Quick Cure onto meat, ensuring it is distributed evenly - particularly in pockets and cavities.

3. Vacuum pack the meat.

4. Allow meat to cure a day per half inch (13mm) of thickness in meat, plus two days.

5. Store meat at a temperature of 2°c - 4°c.

6. Turn the curing meat every two days.

7. Once curing process is finished, rinse off excess Quick Cure and ensure meat is fully dried before slicing and packing.

8. Take care to avoid contact with other meats in fridge to avoid cross-contanimation by nitrite.


How to cure meat using dry curing method (perfect for middles and bacon)...

1. To sweet dry cure meat please add sugar at the rate of 20%.

2. De-bone and trim the meat, remove excess flare fat.

3. Using the Quick Cure mixture at 3% of the weight of the meat, rub onto the meat thoroughly ensuring all of the meat is covered.

4. If the meat is particularly thick, pierce it to aid penetration of the Quick Cure.

5. Stack the Quick Cure covered meats rind down on a suitable rack or tray in a refrigerator until cured (0.5 inch of thickness of meat per day).

6. Once the meat is cured, rinse the meat in cold water - do not submerse. Dry and leave to mature for 1-2 days in a refrigerator.


How to cure meat using a brine (perfect for tongues and other meats)...

1. Add 4.536kg (10lb) of Quick Cure to 22.7l (5 Gallons) of cold water.

2. Stir until all the Quick Cure is dissolved.

3. If a sweeter end product is required, simply add 450g (1lb) of sugar to the solution.

4. Place meat into the solution and follow immersion times below...


Type of MeatImmersion TimeImmersion Time (if pumped)
Pork Legs7-10 days3 - 5 days
Beef Cuts4 - 6 days2 - 3 days
Ox Tongues4 - 5 days2 - 3 days
Beef Tongues3 - 4 days1 - 2 days
Pigs Heads3 - 4 days1 - 2 days


How to cure meat using a meat curing pump (perfect for all types of meat)...

Quick Cure is ideal for curing meat using the pumping method, simply pump the meat until a 10% weight gain is reached.